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What is MQ and MQ Installation on docker

What is MQ and MQ Installation on docker
What is MQ and MQ Installation on docker
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Hi EveryOne ! Today we are going to discuss regarding basic concepts of MQ and installation of MQ on docker.

So, Let's begin !!!

WebSphere MQ?

Websphere MQ, formerly known as MQ (message queue) series, is an IBM standard for program-to-program messaging across multiple platforms.

WebSphere MQ is messaging for applications. It sends messages across networks of diverse components. 


MQ Installation on docker


Step1:  sudo docker pull ibmcom/mq


Step2:  sudo docker ps -a


Step3:  sudo docker run \

  --env LICENSE=accept \

  --env MQ_QMGR_NAME=QM1 \

  --publish 1415:1415 \

  --publish 9444:9444 \

  --detach \



Step4:  sudo docker volume create qm1data


Step5: (optional)


sudo docker run \

  --env LICENSE=accept \

  --env MQ_QMGR_NAME=QM1 \

  --publish 1414:1414 \

  --publish 9443:9443 \

  --detach \

  --volume qm1data:/mnt/mqm \



Step6:  sudo docker ps -a

Step7:  sudo docker exec -ti ea3945aba572 bash             (ea3945aba572 container id, we are getting from above command)


Step8: dspmq


Step9: runmqsc QM1


Step10: define qlocal(EMAIL.IN)


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