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Internet Protocols and its Types

Internet Protocols and its Types
Internet Protocols and its Types
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Hi Everyone ! Today we will discuss regarding Internet Protocols and its Types.

Internet Protocols are set of rules and conventions that networking devices like computers should follow to transfer data effectively.

For example, Let us consider a communication between a boy and a girl as below:


So, what just happened here!!

First of all, there a back and forth, exchange of information between two people.

Even though this is a very basic thing, but still there are some rules which need to be followed to have a successful communication/conversation.

The rules that need to followed are as below:

  1. Once person need to talk at a time.

If both speak at the same time, they won’t be able to hear or understand the things. The intended message cannot be shared or communicated.

  1. For a request, a response is expected.

If one end of the party speaks, and doesn’t receive a response from the second party, then it wouldn’t be a conversation. The conversation will not even work out.

  1. A Request gets a specific Response.

Eg. If the boy says “hi” and the girl sends the response with the “number”, this does not become a valid conversation.

The communication should have a specific and valid response based on the request.

Furthermore, where and how security is integrated within the data transfer?

  • The protocol sends data from one computer to another in the form of packets. Some security measures are added to these packets.
  • These packets are received and then reassembled at the destination to generate the original file.
  • The security measures that are added to each packet are decided by the protocols. The receiving computer will be able to understand the received packets.
  • The successful, file transfer occurs only if both the computers use the same protocol.

Types of Internet Protocols:



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