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Difference between HTTP and HTTPs

Difference between HTTP and HTTPs
Difference between HTTP and HTTPs
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Hi EveryOne ! Today we are going to discuss regarding difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

So, Lets begin

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.

It is an application layer protocol that allows web-based applications to communicate and exchange data.

If the two computer wants to communicate and exchange data, namely, the client and the serve, which usually occurs in the form of request-response cycle.

Below is the difference between the HTTP and HTTPS protocol.



HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.
Uses/Operates in TCP port 80 by default.
The data sent over a HTTP connection is in plain text and can be read by hacker. Encryption is not present.
Communication on HTTP is agreed on a procedure for exchanging information.
Web address begins with http://
Operates at Application Layer of the OSI model.
No certificates are required for data transmission.
Does not require domain validation.
It is mostly used for websites designed for information consumption and displaying information like blogs.
Faster than HTTPs.


HTTPS stand for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.
Uses port 443 for secured communication.
All communications/data sent between the browser and the website are encrypted. Encryption is present.
HTTPS use the code on a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to send information back and forth.
Web address begins with https://
Operated at Transport Layer of the OSI model.
Security certificates are required for communication/data transfer.
Requires domain validation and certain certificates.
Is the website need to collect private information such as card number, CVV etc., then HTTPS is the most secure protocol.
Slower than HTTP.


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