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What is machine learning and how to learn it

Now the terms – Machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is closely related,
And it’s not wrong to say that the abstraction level between these two words is fairly thin and they can be Interchangeably used, but when I say machine learning or artificial intelligence, what most of the people saying is the same old terminator movie. You think that there is going to be some machine that is going to come up from the future, is going to destroy entire humanity, you start panicking and And you will just think that there is not going to be any need of programmers in the future and a lot of theories like that?

Jboss Vault Step by Step Guide

Jboss vault are a Redhat encryption mechanism that allows to convert plaintext passwords to be encrypted. It stores the passwords in an AES-256 encrypted KeyStore and in the standalone.xml. It is actually use to encrypt the plaintext data source to AES-256 for security purpose.

Passwordless Authentication in Linux

To set up a passwordless authentication in linux login in Linux all you need to do is to generate a public key and add it to the remote hosts.
File – ./.ssh/authorized key file
The following are the steps for configuring password less SSH login:
Step1: Check if there is any existing SSH key pair.
Before generating a new SSH key pair first check if you already have an SSH key on your client machine.
Command: ls -al ./.ssh/id_*.pub

NFS Configuration with it’s Rollback Plan

Today, We are going to discuss about NFS Configuration with its rollback plan

What is NFS?
NFS Stands for Network File System. It is mainly use for sharing files and folders between unix or linux system or vice-versa. In NFS, you can make your local file system over network and remote host to interact with them.

Important files in NFS?
1. /etc/exports: