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Best Patching in Linux & Rollback Guide

Best Patching in Linux & Rollback Guide
Best Patching in Linux & Rollback Guide
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Hi EveryOne ! Today, we are discussing regarding patching in linux system and rollback if any inconsistency with application.

Lets begin with the basic concepts.

What is a Patch ?

A Patch is a software code which is inserted in system for quickfix of any issue or security related. A patch is basically a quickfix of a existing code. A Patch is released every quarterly on redhat website.

What is Patching?

A process of inserting software code in system is called as patching. By doing patching its help system to be secured and updated.

For Ex: We are getting updates for our mobile. It is a patching.


Now, Let’s practically starts with Patching on Linux machine.


Step 1: Download the patch from red hat website

Step 2 : Keep patch in specified location and give its path in yum file.

Step 3 : Check the pre-checks.


Check Redhat Version and Kernel Version


Command: cat /etc/redhat-release [Redhat Version]

Command : uname -a  [Kernel Version]


Step 4 : Hit the below command.


Command : yum update


Make Sure, you have configured yum repository..


Step 5 : Now, Reboot your system. If your system is not rebooted, it will not reflect new kernel version. So, make sure you reboot the system.


Step 6 : Now do post-checks.

Command : cat /etc/redhat-release [Redhat Version]

Command : uname -a  [Kernel Version]

Command : uptime [To check , from how many time server is Up and Running]

Command : yum history [To see history of previous yum activities]


So, above are the step by step procedure of patching linux server.


Suppose, if you face any issue or you have found any compatibility issue. Then you can also downgrade the patch using below command.


First do, yum history and take ID.

Then run,

Command : yum history undo <ID>


Or, if you want to downgrade a specific package. Then, command would use,


Command : yum downgrade pkg_name

For Example : yum downgrade httpd-


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Thank You !
Happy Learning !!!
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